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Over 100 years of service and experience

Forging has grown from the practical art of blacksmithing to a diverse technology in metal formation. Eastham Forge has helped pace the transition through the years with knowledge, skill and innovation. Eastham Forge has a history and tradition of service dating back to 1913. The original company name was Beaumont Well Works, founded by Albert Eastham. Except for a brief time during the 1980′s, the facility has been in continuous operation as one of the top forging suppliers in the Gulf South. Beaumont Well Works was owned and operated by Lynn Eastham from 1945-1959, and by Gerald Eastham from 1959-1978. In 1988, the company reopened as Eastham Forge, Inc.

Today, Eastham Forge, Inc. continues to supply customers with forgings of superior dimensional quality and metallurgical integrity. Company management has made many strides to expand and improve the capacity and efficiency of the facility. The latest additions are a state of the art heat treatment plant and a new machine shop, employee training facility/lunch room with attached shower/locker facilities. The company also has plans for a new 7500 ton hydraulic press.

Eastham Forge approaches a promising future with a commitment to forging progress…by always offering customers a superior product that is engineered, produced and delivered in strict accordance to specification. This is how long-term, mutually beneficial client relationships are forged.

Eastham machining consistently delivers Endurance Fluid ends which are manufactured with 100% vertical integration utilizing our affiliated company Eastham Forge for every steel forging. We control every level of production – from sourcing the finest grades of stainless steel to the customer deliver – this quality product never leaves our facilities to ensure product excellence is preserved under our management.